News Roundup, Week of 26 February, 2021


Nine women believed to be part of Abu Sayyaf Group’s (ASG) network were captured by the Philippine police and security forces in Sulu in the Southern Philippines. Three of these suspects, identified as 36-year old Isara Jalmaani Abduhajan, Jedah Abduhajan Amin (28) and Elena Tasum Sawadjaan Abun (40), are daughters of ASG leader, Hatib Hadjan Sawadjaan. During the raid, the security forces found several improvised explosive device (IED) components along with battery, pipe, nails, blasting caps and ammonium nitrate. The women were arrested on the suspicion of plotting suicide bomb attacks. They were believed to have undergone orientation and learned to make explosives.


A clash between Iraqi special forces with Daesh network took place in Tarmiyah in the north of Baghdad, Iraq. Five Daesh members and two members of the special forces were killed during the skirmish.


Two terrorist suspects were arrested in Ankara, Turkey. One of the suspects was allegedly a member of Al-Shabaab with dual German-Italian citizenship and was believed to have operated in Kenya.

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